The Petersen Collection, Inc.

All products are manufactured using Forton MG glass fiber reinforced gypsum.
The Forton MG system combines the strength properties of an alpha hemihydrate gypsum, fiber reinforcement and the durability of sophisticated resin chemicals which produces a product that is:

*Light Weight (cross section 3/8" to 1/2")
*Durable (resistance to cracking, reasonable impacts & abrasions)
*Non-Porous (no water leakage from containers)
*Appearance of Stone
*Limestone Light Antique
*Limestone Medium Antique
*Limestone Heavy Antique
*Terra Cotta
Standard Finishes
Custom Finishes
A wide variety of custom finishes can be created to meet designer's specifications
Exterior sealers used are the best available to assure maximum durability for use intended. Interior of containers are sealed using the best concrete sealer available